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Mark Hyman: What Fats and Oils Should you Avoid?

Podcast Duration: 28:05

Release Date: 12/23/22

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Do not eat trans fats (disguised as hydrogenated oils on food labels)

  2. High fat diets from whole foods support weight loss and heart health

  3. Avoid eating sugar on a high fat diet, the combination of sugar and fat increases risk of heart disease

Understanding Fat

  1. People are confused about fat even though the data is clear

  2. Low fat diets are not good for you and are associated with higher risk of heart disease

  3. True or false:

  4. Vegetable oils are better for health than animal fats

  5. False

  6. Soybean oil, seed oil, palm oil- 1000% increase in the last 100 years

  7. These are unstable and oxidized

  8. Increases risk of heart disease

  9. A salad with non fat dressing is better that one doused in fats and oil

  10. False

  11. Your body needs fat in order to absorb nutrients in plant foods

  12. Olive oil is great for metabolic health

  13. Cholesterol from eggs can increase heart disease

  14. False

  15. The dietary guidelines have now stated that dietary cholesterol is not associated with cholesterol levels

  16. Trans fats are the worst fats to consume

  17. Fats and oils make you gain weight because they are more calorie dense than carbs and proteins

  18. False

  19. Eating the right fats and oils help you lose weight

  20. Boosts metabolism and reduces heart health risk

  21. The federal government's dietary guidelines no longer put a limit on how much fat to eat

  22. True

What is the Nutritional Purpose of Fats and Oils?

  1. More satiating (keep you full for longer)

  2. Do not spike insulin

  3. Need fat to help support cell membranes

  4. Help make hormones

  5. They come from cholesterol

  6. Anti inflammatory

6 things About Fats and Oils We Need to Know

  1. The kind of fat we eat is much more important than the amount

  2. Mufas- mono-unsaturated fatty acids

  3. These are good fats

  4. Found in olive oil and other nuts and seeds

  5. Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and inflammation

  6. Guards against damage in arteries from sugar

  7. Pufas- Polyunsaturated fatty acids

  8. Must come from Whole foods

  9. These are essential

  10. Lenoic acid

  11. ALA

  12. EPA

  13. DHA

  14. You need both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids

  15. Low omega 3 can cause metabolic disease

  16. Improper fat balance can result in cognitive disorders such as depression and ADHD

  17. Saturated Fat is not an enemy

  18. Most people respond very well to high saturated fat intake for weight loss

  19. Lower triglycerides

  20. Can raise HDL and LDL

  21. Trans fats are the enemy

  22. Absolute worse fats to eat

  23. These are hydrogenated oils

  24. Causes small dense cholesterol to build up

  25. Increase chances of stroke and heart attack

  26. Do not eat your fat with carbs

  27. Increases inflammation

  28. Eat your fats with vegetables

  29. Increases the bioavailability of nutrients in the vegetables

  30. Ketogenic diets

  31. Great for a variety of diseases

  32. Shown to increase brain function and lifespan

  33. Best to cycle in and out of keto

  34. Palm oil is the most disruptive for the environment

  35. Causing massive deforestation

  36. Eating lots of whole food that contains fat is the best way to eat

  37. Avoid fats that have been altered or processed in any way

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