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Mark Hyman: How to Eat Like Blue Zones

Updated: Jan 17

Release Date: 12/07/22

Podcast Duration: 56 min

A summary by Brandon Johnson, DC

5 Key Takeaways

  1. Learn to optimize your mental health, sleep, diet and physical fitness

  2. Blue Zone societies have created an environment that optimizes each pillar of health

  3. 60% of chronic disease and accelerated aging relate to food

  4. Try to eat "anciently," as similar as possible to your ancestors hundreds of years ago

  5. The majority of your food should be cooked at home

This episode begins by introducing Dan Buettner, an award-winning journalist, producer and New York Times bestselling author. He discovered the five places in the world dubbed "Blue Zones." These are places where people live the longest and healthiest lives.

The Blue Zones and Healthy Habits

  1. Blue Zones

  2. Regions and cultures where people live a longer life than average

  3. Have a high percentage of centenarians (people over 100 years old)

  4. Usually optimal environments and ecosystems that promote healthy behaviors

  5. These residents report more happiness and engagement in life

  6. Tend to eat "anciently"

  7. Foods that were accessible to their ancestors hundreds of years ago

  8. Whole foods (unrefined or processed)

  9. Usually plant based

  10. They have a strong sense of purpose

  11. Knowing their place in the world

  12. Very low stress levels reported

  13. Strong family values

  14. Faith and religion

  15. Usually involves community

  16. Meditation and Prayer

  17. Have optimal sleep cycles

  18. Strong support system

  19. Closely knit friendships

What are the Causes for Reduced Life Expectancy?

  1. 60% of chronic disease and unnecessary aging are due to food

  2. Processed foods

  3. Cause inflammation and metabolic diseases

  4. Chronic diseases are caused by:

  5. Added sugar

  6. Preservatives

  7. High sodium content

  8. Biggest drivers for abnormal aging in America today:

  9. Chronic stress

  10. Poor diet

  11. Social stressors from electronic device use

  12. Sedentary lifestyle

Environmental Factors that Reduce Life Expectancy in the United States

  1. Americans live in a toxic environment:

  2. Unhealthy foods are cheaper, addictive and advertised heavily

  3. Fast Food restaurants have increased in quantity and decreased quality:

  4. High sugar content and addictive chemicals

  5. Preservatives

  6. Increased margins

  7. On average fast food meals contain 300 more calories than a home cooked meal

  8. Stress levels and depression are at an all time high

  9. The United States has the highest SSRI (depression drug) use in the world

How to Live a Blue Zone Life

  1. Adopt more characteristics of blue zones

  2. Realization of individual responsibility

  3. Finding purpose in life

  4. Minimalist and low stress

  5. Home cooking & historical diet

  6. Self-cooking

  7. 3 meals a day

  8. Whole foods that have not been altered in any way

  9. Exercise regularly

  10. Blue Zone citizens usually walk everywhere

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