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Ben Greenfield: The Electrolyte & Mineral Replenishment Strategy

Episode Duration: 01:12:27

Release Date: 12/22/2022

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Quinton salt water might be useful in treating pain syndromes

  2. Soaking in water that is hydrogen enriched may accelerate healing

  3. The healthiest drinking water is distilled with added activated carbon

Ben Greenfield begins this episode by introducing his guest Robert Slovak. Robert is an expert on water. He had a life-threatening illness and attributes his healing to the consumption of special electrolytes called Quintons. Now Robert works in reverse osmosis and bottled water production to make sure that people everywhere have safe drinking water.

Robert’s Spike Protein Storm and Morning Drinks

  1. Robert is 77 years old, and started experiencing serious health issues caused by a "spike protein storm" (when your immune system is triggered to release inflammatory proteins)

  2. This can be considered an autoimmune response

  3. He chose to treat this condition with:

  4. Isotonic water

  5. Herbal drinks

  6. Red light and infrared exposure

  7. Hyperbaric chamber

  8. Colostrum (protein found in breast milk)

  9. Robert starts off each day with a Quinton isotonic drink

  10. Isotonic seawater that favors hydration and remineralization

  11. Contains electrolytes

  12. He believes it regulates his terrain (body environment)

  13. Might play a role in body PH levels (acid vs base)

  14. He emphasizes that how you take care of your body's "environment" is crucial to living a healthy life

Hydrogen use and its Effects

  1. Robert has been using hydrogen tablets to help with his health for a long time

  2. Hydrogen is believed to:

  3. Improve muscle performance

  4. Reduce lactic acid formation (byproduct of intense exercise)

  5. Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise

  6. Hydrogen hydrotherapy

  7. Soaking in water that is infused with hydrogen from big soluble tablets

  8. Some studies show that this type of therapy may accelerate healing in injuries such as ankle sprains

  9. Some face masks are infused with hydrogen enriched solutions to help hydrate skin

Misinformation and Fear around Hydrogen

  1. Hydrogen tablets are pills made of magnesium and water that produce hydrogen gas when dissolved in liquid

  2. The reaction between elemental magnesium and the water produces a weak solution called Magnesium Hydroxide plus hydrogen gas bubbles which help restore our biological terrain

  3. Some products may contain toxins or fillers that are added to the tablets

  4. Look for brands that are tested and approved by the FDA

  5. To experience full benefits from these tablets dissolve them into 12-14 ounces of liquid within 5 minutes of use

  6. The pharmaceutical industry tried to limit the use of Quinton by making a law that said it had to be heat sterilized if injected

The History of Terrain Theory

  1. This is the idea that our bodies are like the ocean

  2. Life began in the ocean and species started to leave it 450 million years ago

  3. We must try to create conditions that mimic the ocean in our bodies because its special composition of elements is what makes life possible

  4. Quinton is a specialized medicine that was used in the early 1900's to treat diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis and syphilis

  5. It can also be used for rehydration protocols instead of saline solution

  6. Quinton comes from plankton blooms near ocean surfaces which have elements from the periodic table mixed into them

  7. Rene Quinton discovered the amazing medical use of Quinton in 1904 by transfusing (injecting) dogs with it

  8. Today Quinton marine plasma isotonic is being tested and researched by military forces around the world because it doesn't need to be stored or refrigerated like other medicines do

What is Percutaneous Hydrotomy?

  1. A man named Pierre Lippert used this kind of treatment at the Gweoz Institute in France to treat pain syndromes

  2. This treatment involves injections of steril salt water under the skin to help people with conditions like back pain and fibromyalgia

Types and Uses of Quinton

  1. Quinton is a special kind of medicine that comes in two forms

  2. Isotonic- very salty with more minerals

  3. Better for treating illness

  4. Hypertonic- less-salty with fewer minerals

  5. Using Quinton for general wellbeing:

  6. Try 2 capsules per day for about 3 months

  7. Ampuls (glass containers) offer more intense treatments

  8. Contain lots of special micronutrients like antifungals, antibacterial agents, minerals from the sea

Robert's Anti-aging and Longevity Protocols

  1. Robert travels to conferences around the world and talks to people about anti aging and longevity protocols

  2. He believes the main staples include:

  3. Good quality water

  4. Natural vitamin C

  5. Energy medicine therapies such as CVAC (Cyclic Variation Altitude Conditioning)

  6. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBot)

  7. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field frequencies (PEMF)

  8. Some drinking water has been known to contain over 85,000 chemicals that can hurt you

  9. It’s important to know there are only 100 contaminants monitored by US public systems

  10. 200 other chemicals are not monitored

  11. Congress isn’t releasing this information because no one could afford such expensive technologies needed to remove those chemicals from our drinking waters

  12. There are three organizations we should look at to check purification efficiency

  13. NSF laboratory in Ann Arbor Michigan

  14. IAPMO in Ontario California

  15. Water Quality Association in Lisle Illinois

  16. These companies have expensive tests which show what products work best at getting rid of contaminants like pesticides and metals from our drinking water

  17. If your device isn't tested by one of these labs then don't get it because they may not do what they say

What is the Best form of Drinking Water?

  1. Distillation plus activated carbon

  2. Reverse osmosis with activated carbon

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